Our scope changed from making an educational app for high school students that would cover at least the Capital Regional District (CRD) area to an educational app for UVic students, faculty, and staff that covers the Indigenous communities on whose traditional territory the university stands. The main reasons for this scope change were 1) covering the entire CRD in three months is not feasible, 2) indigenous education has already been implemented into the BC high school curriculum and is not required for university students, and 3) we can work with community partners and mentors on campus. Following our major scope change, we worked on an initial requirements document (RD), project proposal, and began prototyping. We met with two of our project mentors; Cassie from The Morning Star and Daniel from Checkfront. These meetings provided us with impactful feedback that will be helpful going forward We are excited to work with them. Another significant event in this sprint was a pivot from making a web app to a mobile app. The main idea behind this change was that students are more likely to use a mobile app. Near the end of this sprint, we found a posting made by the First Nations Cultural Council (FNCC) saying that they are looking for people “to use FirstVoices data to support community development of apps, software, and other creative digital projects.” Finding out about this was very exciting for us because it falls in line with our project and it would be a great opportunity to work alongside them. While we wait to hear back from the FNCC and other community partners, we have been looking into how we want to build our app (using Flutter or React Native) and working on getting that started. The final important moment in this sprint was our meeting with our mentor Tara, a worker from Google. She had a lot of great advice on how we should respectfully interact with Indigenous communities. On Friday, September 29th our team went to the First Peoples House to participate in the Orange Shirt Day activities. It was really nice to be there and make connections with the community members we hope to work with.