The Inspire program offers regular paid internship opportunities to high school students to encourage them to gain experience working on STEM projects. These opportunities are great for students looking for a friendly environment to explore Science and Engineering interests while gaining valuable career experience.

The ClimAct Project

The ClimAct project is a dynamic, ongoing endeavor, actively engaging with schools to educate  youth about the critical issues of software engineering and climate change. In collaboration with schools in the Greater Victoria area, including the Institute for Global Solutions at Claremont Secondary, St. Margaret’s School, and the francophone Ecole Victor Brodeur, this project introduces an innovative educational tool, the ClimAct app, directly into high school classrooms. By offering high-school students with paid internships, we opened doors to allow them to gain hands-on experience with STEM, encouraging them to pursue Computer Science / Engineering degrees. 

Climate change, a pressing and complex global challenge, often elicits feelings of anxiety and helplessness among students. The ClimAct app is designed to address these concerns by making climate action tangible and engaging for young minds. It encourages students to track their carbon footprints, thereby raising awareness about their personal impact on the environment. More than just a tracking tool, ClimAct offers a series of fun, achievable challenges. These challenges are crafted to not only educate but also inspire students to take practical steps towards reducing their carbon footprint.

By integrating this app into the curriculum, the INSPIRE Apprentice Garage team aims to transform the way young people perceive and respond to climate change. It’s not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about fostering a generation of environmentally conscious, proactive individuals. This project represents a significant step in shaping a more sustainable future, driven by informed, empowered youth. As the project progresses, its impact is expected to grow, reaching more schools and inspiring more students to become active participants in the fight against climate change.