Apprentice Garage students are embarking on an inspiring mission to transform the landscape of high school education through an innovative mentorship program. Our students are stepping out of the workshop and into high schools, armed with the knowledge and enthusiasm to guide high school students on their journey of discovery and innovation. This program is designed not just to impart technical skills but to open a world of possibilities for students to explore and develop their own projects.

Our mentorship extends beyond the basics of coding, engineering, or science. While these technical skills are a cornerstone of what we offer, the true value of our program lies in the comprehensive approach to learning. We are passionate about nurturing not only the future scientists and engineers but well-rounded individuals who are adept in managing the multifaceted challenges of real-world projects. Therefore, alongside technical guidance, our mentorship covers vital soft skills such as project management, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

This hands-on approach allows high school students to conceive, develop, and execute their projects under the guidance of Apprentice Garage mentors. By working closely with students, our mentors provide a unique blend of support, ensuring that young innovators not only learn how to build and create but also how to plan, manage, and present their projects effectively