Our Sprint started with Tihar vacation. We only worked for two days remotely in the first week. In the second week we were supposed to be back to office for work but due to our other team’s field visited to Rukum, we continued to work remotely. Working remotely was fun and it was new experience for some of us. At the same time, it was challenging for staying productive and efficient all the time. But from day one of work from home, our team managed to actively participate and stay connected through google meet. 

Due to some technical issues, we needed to setup a new database hosting for our development purpose. The process helped us understand the database design in more depth. It took almost a whole working day, but the work was fruitful.  

On the last day of the sprint, we came back to the office and met all our friends including “BloodSync” team. We listened to their journey and field visit experiences. Also, we had our follow-up meeting with CP on the same day. We showed our updates and got feedback. We had few confusions regarding the new feature requirements. We sorted them out by questioning them and they provided sample data. We hope to implement and deliver these new features in the next sprint.