This sprint was different and important for us beacuse we had mid-year conference. It was a great opportunity to present our project to the special guests. Talking about our mid-year conference preparation journey, it started with creating slides, video shoot, late night editing and early morning meeting schedule.

Since our team was working on existing system refactoring and bug fixes, we did not have a chance to implement new features. Excitingly, while gathering new requirements from CP, they requested for a new feature. We studied the requirements, divided the feature into multiple small tasks and worked accordingly. We were not able to show it to the CP in the follow up meeting which is a sad part but gave other update demo and gained feedbacks.

We got to share our learning progress and inspire journey till date with our mentors. We really had a great time sharing our thoughts, getting feedbacks and receiving guidance from mentors. Also, we got to know how our other teammates journey has been so far.