As we approach Inspire’s second annual conference, our focus intensifies on putting the final touches to our collective efforts. Task division becomes key as we allocate responsibilities among the team members. Half of us immerse ourselves in designing the prototype for the web app and crafting content for the upcoming annual presentation. Simultaneously, the other half takes on the responsibility of refining and adding the final touches to the existing work on the web app system. We adopt a collaborative approach, frequently switching roles and seeking feedback from each other to ensure a finely polished outcome.

During this phase, we’ve been getting creative and realizing our knack for completing tasks successfully. However, we acknowledge there’s room to boost our creativity for a more polished outcome. Dr. Dana, Bachhan dai, and Arjan dai give us helpful feedback, pointing out areas to improve. Arjan dai, especially, helps refine our mobile app prototype, highlighting that design is more than just expressing creativity—it’s a careful balance of observation, logic, and creative thinking.

Throughout the sprint, we iteratively implement feedback and enhance our skills. Our confidence in design grows significantly, turning what was once a lengthy and hectic task into a newfound hobby. However, the journey of learning in the design aspect continues.

In addition, our perception of the Inspire team as a family has always been strong, but this week brought that realization into sharper focus. Bachan dai returned from Finland after presenting his research paper at a conference, and our collective celebration of his achievement emphasized that we’re more than just colleagues—we’re a group of friends. Bachan dai serves as an exemplary role model. Under his guidance, we’ve had the opportunity to refine our skills across diverse domains, including coding, research study, managerial tasks, devops, design, presentation, public speaking, and more.

As we near the end, our gratitude for the Inspire program intensifies. The diverse learning experiences and the supportive team environment have transformed our individual skills and strengthened our sense of camaraderie.